About Us

Dos Croquetas Miami


Dos Croquetas, established in 2016 by Alec Fernandez and his aunt Vicky Carballo, is committed to bringing the finest handcrafted croquetas, sandwiches and shakes to Miami. Inspired by Alec's childhood memories of visiting ventanitas with his family, our team is dedicated to crafting innovative and unique flavors using only the best ingredients. 

We're thrilled to welcome you to our Westchester restaurant, where a fusion of flavors meets a vibrant atmosphere, promising a delightful sensory experience. And we're equally excited to announce our presence on Calle Ocho, bringing our culinary passion and award winning croquetas to another iconic Miami location. Whether you're dining in or enjoying our nationwide shipping, you'll get a taste of Miami wherever you are.

We're committed to excellence, ensuring each dining experience is exceptional. Join us in celebrating our love for culinary innovation, both at Westchester and now, proudly, on Calle Ocho.

*All products are cooked using high quality peanut oil*